Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Difference Between Me and Yoo

by shamanic

Glenn Greenwald takes timely aim at an issue whose full import won't be felt for a couple of years, namely that there will be forceful, broad-based opposition to acts of tyranny from a Democratic administration. The type that those of us in the lefty blogosphere have been loudly denouncing these last few years.

What's unfortunate is that we on the left can only count on the partnership of anti-tyranny Conservatives when there's a Democrat in office. It makes me think that maybe the country should only elect Democrats to the presidency in order to maintain the important check of public opinion on presidential powers.

I can guarantee you this: in 2009, if we are talking about President Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, or anyone else with the nuance to stick a "D" after their name, and reports come out of sweeping claims of privilege, secrecy, torture, ill-defined wars, warrantless wiretaps, rendition, habeas corpus violations, or the like, I will stand strongly in opposition to such behavior and call it what it is: tyranny.

One important difference between me and (John) Yoo is that I--like so many on the left--have been saying it all along.

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