Friday, July 06, 2007


by shamanic

Look, Neil Boortz is a homeboy down here in Atlanta and I don't want to single him out for being factually out of touch, but this just can't stand.

Clinton's legal team should initiate proceedings immediately for defamation, with the intent of forcing Boortz to issue a full retraction on the air. The subjects of talk radio defamation--that is, when factually wrong attacks are launched at a person in the public eye--need to start employing this tactic.

Bill Clinton was never indicted for perjury. He was never tried for perjury. He was never convicted of perjury. His lawyers should contact Mr. Boortz and insist on a public retraction of these statements.

With all due respect to the talkers of the AM dial, perhaps the threat of substantial lawsuits for defamatory statements will encourage a slightly more strict adherence to the facts.

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