Sunday, July 22, 2007

Call me Bond. Kit Bond.

By Libby

Missouri's Senator steps into it with both feet in a letter to the editor at the NYT. Defending his hapless leader, he inadvertently admits he's a lying idiot.
While I agree that we had the wrong plan for three years, we now have the right one, and the right man to lead it. The proper conclusion to be drawn from the N.I.E. findings is that Congress and the American people must remain vigilant and committed to the war on terror and its central front in Iraq.

(Senator) Kit Bond

Do these Bush loyalists think the public record just disappears into smoke the minute they make conflicting statements? Glenn Greewald doesn't have to dig very deeply to expose Bond's relentless assurances over those three years that the plan was just wonderful and was working perfectly.

Which raises the obvious question. If, by his own admission, everything the good Senator told us for three years was so completely wrong, why the hell should we believe a single word he says now?

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