Friday, July 20, 2007

Bush is Destroyong the Constitution for Fun Watch, II

by shamanic

Just trying to keep everyone informed on the day's outrage.

Check out The Next Hurrah, which cites Kagro X's reportage on the Republican legal dream team that has played this shell game before: Fred Fielding and John Roberts are the men behind the Reagan-era opinion the White House is hiding behind. (What is it hiding? Probably nothing that rises to the level of fomenting a constitutional crisis.)

And I'm happy to leave you with this excellent summation from The Moderate Voice's Shaun Mullen, in his post "Is It a Constitutional Crisis":
The answer, I believe, is that this is just the latest chapter in an ongoing constitutional crisis involving a rogue president who continues to insist that when he invokes executive privilege, inks a signing statement, unilaterally suspends a bedrock principle of the American legal system or violates an international treaty, he is accountable to no one. Ever.

(via memorandum)

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