Friday, June 22, 2007

Why Pro-Choice Is the Only Choice

by shamanic

Who are these people urging Democrats to abandon women's health and reproductive rights? In the New York Times today, Melinda Hennenberger argues that Democrats are abandoning pro-life liberals by their support of safe and legal abortion.

At Hullabaloo, Tristero reframes the debate, dubbing the pro-life hordes "pro-coathanger" and working to restrict health care access to only the rich. His response is worth a read, but misses a larger point.

And here's the larger point: The numbers of abortions in America have been declining for nearly three decades, and declined dramatically under Bill Clinton's economic stewardship (graph). In other words, Democratic economic policies, which keep more wealth in more hands, reduces the incidence of abortion.

The Democratic Party must support safe and legal abortion, period. But that doesn't mean it can't support a reduction in abortion rates and work to build a society where abortion is less necessary for women. Where there is economic security, unplanned pregnancies are less frightening. Where there is job security, unplanned pregnancies can be brought to term. These are the policies Democrats implement in office, and this how Democrats should communicate their support for safe and legal abortion that is necessary less often.

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