Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weather Watching

By Cernig

Down here in SW Texas we're looking at some major storms already in the area and a whole bunch more brewing for the rest of the week and into next. This morning, the TV weather folks are starting to talk about the possibility that the situation may get "catastrophic", as it did in '98 when widespread flooding led to a disaster area declaration.

Let's hope not.

However, the San Antonio power-grid is held together with boogers and string and is extremely prone to surges as well as outages. I usually just shut down the computer during a thunderstorm because of surges. The phone and cable connections get dodgy when there's too much water in the ground too.

All this means that my posting may be light for the next four or five days, but I'll do my best to be here. The rest of The Newshoggers team will, I'm sure, be here to opinionate and entertain even if I wash away into the Gulf.

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