Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Return Of Tas!

By Cernig

Most excellent news!

The blogger known as Tas, ex-editor of Loaded Mouth, the now-defunct blog which gave me my first ever blogroll link, is back blogging after a rest of a few months to recharge his batteries. You really should have a look at his new blog "Sugar Land Is Dreaming". It's an instant addition to The newshoggers blogroll and should be one for your favorite list too.

Not only that, but Tas will be writing the occasional piece for Raw Story too! His first is up now under his real name. He interviews Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gaylord Shaw, who reveals that a light-hearted question about whether Bill Clinton had bombed al Qaeda terrorist targets in Sudan and Afghanistan back in 1998 as a distraction from the Monica scandal turned viral and became the "Clinton Wag The dog" meme.

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