Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick--Revoke the First Amendment! Rush Limbaugh is On!

by shamanic

While his party pretends that the Vice Presidency is some kind of invisible fourth branch of government, Jeff Goldstein peddles the tale that Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer are going to apply a "legislative fix" to right wing talk radio.

Jeff and I have gotten into it a couple of times, so just for him I thought I'd announce to America and the world that I'm a Democrat who supports the First Amendment. That means, unfortunately, that all sorts of morons more interested in inflammatory rhetoric and demagoguery get to say all sorts of craven things on the airwaves--very often about people like me--but I support their right to do so.

While I think the "legislative fix" story is so much hot air streaming out of global warming skeptic James Inhofe (ironic, eh?), I hereby state for the record that I, a Democrat, would oppose legislation limiting the free speech rights of the gasbags that populate the AM dial.

There you go, Jeff. That one's for you.

Later update: TPM has the video of Inhofe on Neil Cavuto, backtracking like a madman. It looks to me like this is an apocryphal story that Inhofe tells to make a (questionable) point about the commercial appeal of conservative talk radio. I'm sure that Jeff will update his post to reflect Inhofe's later comments.

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