Wednesday, June 13, 2007


By Cernig

Two days ago, Republicans in the Senate successfully blocked a no-confidence vote in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, thus supporting White House claims that the whole Attorney-Gate scandal is a fabrication for political purposes.

Today, Senate committees issued subpoenas to former White House counsel Harriet Miers and former top Karl Rove aide Sara Taylor over their connections to the scandal. The White House has indicated that it will cite executive privilege and refuse to allow those subpoenaed to answer to Congress.
CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin reports, “The White House has made clear it will cite executive privilege for conversations that took place within the White House on the U.S. attorney matter, and if the people with those conversations happen to have subsequently left the White House, that doesn’t matter. They’re still going to cite executive privilege, and these people are not going to be allowed to testify anytime soon, it appears, if the White House remains as it has been. … Even if they want to testify.”
It is impossible that those Senate Republicans who blocked Monday's vote didn't know this was coming down the pike. They have thus aligned themselves clearly with a White House that, in Senator Patrick Leahy's words:
cannot have it both ways — it cannot stonewall congressional investigations by refusing to provide documents and witnesses, while claiming nothing improper occurred.
Thus those Republican Senators have revealed themselves as prostitutes for The Party rather than as Servants of The People.

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