Saturday, June 23, 2007

Paris is burning

By Libby

Here's a small sign of welcome sanity in the newsroom. After a flurry of reports that the networks were in a bidding war to get an interview with Paris Hilton, who apparently is soon to be released from jail, all three major networks now say they're not interested at all in interviewing America's most boring celebutante.

The details are sketchy but it appears the Hiltons wanted money for licensing the photos and other family memorabilia and the networks belatedly decided they would look like idiots if they paid for the "privilege" of polluting the airwaves with more un-news about the spoiled heiress.
Independent network news analyst Andrew Tyndall said paying for a Hilton interview would pose at least two problems.

"One, you're not supposed to pay news sources, and two, you've decided that Paris Hilton is an important enough story to violate that rule. And probably the second sin is even worse than the first."

The real sin is that they ever made her a celebrity in the first place.

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