Friday, June 01, 2007

The Pakistani Military's Business

By Cernig

A new book out by Pakistani author Ayesha Siddiqa, "Military Inc.", details the massive business interests of the Pakistani military establishment which she says owns hundreds of businesses and millions of acres of land worth billions of dollars - but is run without any transparency or accountability.

The author says that the military establsihment is trying to disrupt her life and her official book launch in Pakistan.
Ayesha Siddiqa says her reservation at a government-managed club was cancelled at the last minute, forcing her to find an alternative venue for the launch.

...The state-run Associated Press of Pakistan labelled the book "a plethora of misleading and concocted stories". It said that the aim was to give a "bad name to one of the country's most prestigious and honourable organisations".

...The BBC's Barbara Plett in Islamabad says it is the first time the army's penetration of Pakistan's economy has been documented with such detail.

...The launch finally went ahead at a small private office. Ms Siddiqa said it is clear the army does not want a debate about its corporate interests.

"It is part of their political power," she said. "It's the most intransparent part of the economy.

"It's about the interest of senior generals, they don't want any discussion on the subject."

The book's publication comes at a sensitive time for the military-led government.
I think I will add this one to my Summer reading list.

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