Saturday, June 16, 2007

No Business Like Snow Business

By Cernig

My thanks to Crooks and Liars for providing my chortle for the morning. They have the video of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show pointing up the deceptions of the White House press secretary, Tony Snow.
Stewart explained that Snow “was adamant months ago that the dismissal of these attorneys had nothing to do with politics.”

He rolled video of Snow from March 15, saying: “It’s pretty clear that these things are based on performance and not on sort of attempts to do political retaliation, if you will.”

Stewart: “So anyway, that was three months ago. Three months later, a dozen subpoenas, six hearings, . . . thousands of released e-mails, it turns out that their performances were actually pretty good. And all signs are now pointing to political motivations. I wonder how the White House is going to reconcile this apparent discrepancy?”

Stewart then rolled video from Wednesday’s briefing, at which a reporter asked Snow: “At the beginning of this story, the President, you, Dan Bartlett, others said on camera that politics was not involved, this was performance-based, but –”

Snow’s reply: “No, that is something — we have never said that.”…
Is there a sweepstakes pool on the go at the White house or something? The pot goes to the Bush official who can deny the blindingly obvious the most times in a public forum.

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