Monday, June 25, 2007

McCain Out By Fall?

by shamanic

Color me skeptical, but writer Sarah Baxter contends that McCain may well be out of the race by September. Wonder what agenda she might have, especially given Libby's write up the other day of Baxter's fawning piece on Fred Thompson's ex-lovers' undying support of his candidacy.

Joe Gandleman also sounds skeptical, but outlines five reasons for McCain's limited support this go-round, compared to 2000.

I'll say this: McCain is smart, tough, and despite the necessity of pandering in races, a relatively principled politician*. If the race loses a John McCain in gaining a policy-idea-free Fred Thompson, it makes the situation quite dangerous. McCain, though I differ with him on many policy issues, could actually be a competent president capable of working across the aisle to implement common sense legislative solutions to problems requiring them. Fred Thompson has precious little experience in politics, and most of his DC exposure has been as a lobbyist.

Not exactly presidential material, in my view, but maybe that's what separates me from Republicans.

* Please note that I modified the noun "politician" with the adjective "principled", thus putting that adjective into its proper context.

Other commentary: Ed Morrisey says Baxter "is indulging in earlyitis".

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