Monday, June 25, 2007

Instahoglets June 25th 2007

By Cernig

I've been asked to guest-blog the Crooks and Liars blog roundup all this week while Mikey is in Europe. I finally decided I should crosspost them for Newshoggers readers too. So here's a double dose of links from today and tomorrow's C&L roundups to start with.

Abortion concern trolls, human rights concern trolls and the plain old kind that should live under bridges. We need a study on how many species of rightwing troll there are!

Never mind the yellow ribbons, even the flag patches on troops' uniforms aren't made in the USA. Maybe conservatives can use that as an excuse for why their prayers go unanswered.

Web 2.008 - if it all came down to MySpace friends, Clinton and Obama would bury the field.

Holy Juice, the Moonies and Dinesh D'Souza.

Freedom of speech? Not while you're working!

"If you refuse to be daunted by anything less than impeachment, then you’ll have no problem turning the government all the way to 11."

Welcome to Cheneystan - a nation of puppets, puppeteers and regencies where to dissent can have alarming (coincidental?)consequences and the name of the game is denial, whether plausible or not.

What will it take to arouse the ire of the people? Can we continue believing that things will get better if we are patient...indefinitely?

We've already created a situation where others don't have the luxury of patience anymore. If we are patient enough, we may find our right to speak up disappears.

Meanwhile, the hating mob who enable the puppeteers still have the monopoly on impatience. Nor is there any real sign of a change.

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