Thursday, June 28, 2007

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...'re sure of a big surprise!

By Cernig

I pass this on simply to show that the world is indeed a many-splendored thing.
Forget dogging – the new sex craze is 'furring'.

The practice sees people dressing up in giant teddy bear or other outfits and meeting in woodlands and forests for sex.

Participants – sometimes called 'furverts' – also dress as rabbits, squirrels or cartoon characters.

One furry – known as 'Paddington' – regularly takes part in the activity in woods at St Austell, Cornwall.

He said: 'St Austell is fast becoming a hotbed for furries since a new group started up.

'We're a group of people who like things to do with animals. It's great to meet up with fellow furries and enjoy the great outdoors.'

Tina Patterson, owner of the Make Believe fancy-dress hire shop in St Austell, said: 'I wonder where my costumes go sometimes.

Some of my fur suits come back in a right state.

The most popular is Sylvester the Cat.'
As long as it's safe, consensual and no-one wants me to take part, I could care less if they want to dress up as Condi and Dubya! But what happened to old-fashioned latex and rubber fetishists?

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