Friday, June 08, 2007

Fixing DOMA

by shamanic

Another interesting item came out of the Human Rights Campaign's candidate questionnaires, namely that all of the Dem candidates support repeal the half of the Defense of Marriage Act (pushed by multiply-married adulterer Newt Gingrich and signed by adulterer Bill Clinton in 1996) that prohibits federal benefits such as social security or joint filing of tax returns by gay couples who may be married or otherwise recognized by their states.

But that's only half. The other half of DOMA gives states the rights to disregard marriage licenses issued to gay couples by another state. This simply screams inequality under the law, as it only applies to one class of people issued legal marriage licenses.

To fix it, Congress needs only to make it the law of the land that any state can disregard any marriage license issued by another state. Imagine the revenue possibilities if, say, California announced that "married" couples who moved into the state would have to purchase a California marriage license if they wished to have a valid marriage there. Put a price of $100 on it, and the state of California just opened up a pretty nice new revenue stream.

I say do it! It gives couples the option of the ultimate no-fault divorce: just move to a state that doesn't recognize your home state's marriages and viola!, you're not married anymore.

I mean, neither of you can ever move back, but how much easier and more cost effective would that be than having to hire divorce lawyers and fight over assets? You just cross a state line, and suddenly you're Mr. Swinging Single again! Sounds like a perfect compromise to me.

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