Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Congrats to Swampland

I have slammed Swampland a couple of times for being obtuse idiots and gatekeepers to intellectual rent, so when they are having a good week, I should also congratulate them. And they are having a pretty good week.

Anna Marie Cox on the CIA Document dump is asking for help with this smart line: "but if there's one thing we've learned from you, it's that journalism is now a two-way street. We'll highlight the best finds on the blog and, who knows, maybe we can get a story out of them as well. Thanks in advance if you decide to play along.

Joe Klein Part I: He spends some serious time defining his language and references when he is talking about Al Quaeda in Iraq --- good job on making his argument clearer.

Joe Klein Part 2: In which he asks why a low rating idiot is getting prime real estate on television.

Three good posts, which address three seperate critiques that the netroots has been making of the media for a good long time --- open flow of communication and access to expertise and dispersed memory, clearer definition of terms and language, and the odd ability of poor performing conservatives to get air time to say ridiculous things.

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