Friday, June 01, 2007

Battlestar Gallactica to End

by shamanic

Well kids, according to numerous media reports, the next season of BSG will be the last.

I, for one, am thrilled. When Sci-Fi moved the uber-awesome series that occupied my Friday nights to Sundays, I was unable to follow. I've said for some time now that I'd just wait until the whole intricate, beautiful thing was out on DVD, and now I can reasonably expect that to happen by 2009.

I'm a patient girl, yo. If you need proof, I'm still watching Lost (but usually not on Wednesday nights. I usually watch the episodes on

From a creative-type perspective, I'm also pleased. It's good to see Ron Moore make the decision that the next story arc will end what he's been working on, rather than having some network suit decide that it needs three more seasons beyond what he can creatively give just to pull in a few more advertising bucks.

But also, it's a sad day for science fiction on television. Stargate: Atlantis is playing in the background as I write this, and I keep hearing the words "explosive tumors" emanating from the teevee. Actor, please. That ain't sci fi. That's just stupid.

So I'll wait for the entire series of BSG on DVD and love them forever. Many thanks to everyone involved with BSG for a mesmerizing, addicting, and mindblowing television experience. I can't wait to have it all in my hands and watch it from beginning to end.

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