Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ads and Buttons

One of the reasons that the four of us have started to blog together was to drive traffic up for all of us. This has been working as our initial baseline was roughly 1,000 hits per day, and the past couple of weeks, we have tripled that as one of us will be consistently hitting a home run per day, and the rest of the team is hitting for a pretty solid average.

Another reason is to build off of this increased traffic so that the four of us can at least earn beer money with our very enjoyable but occasionally time consuming hobby. We belong to Blog-Ads but that has been slow in heating up, so we are adding a couple more pieces of functionality to the site. The first is Google-Ads for text-based micro-targeted ads. You should see them in the next couple of days. The second major piece is the addition of a PayPal donation button in the corner above the blog-roll. Please feel free to drop a dime if you feel what we are doing is adding significant value and information in the public sphere.

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