Monday, June 18, 2007

Action speaks louder than words

By Libby

Jonathan Alter's piece is generating interest this morning. Alter seems to believe the Democratic Congress is tanking in the approval ratings because they're not using the right slogan. I'm with my co-blogger Jim Martin, on the slogan part. I think Pull and Strike is kind of obscure and not at all catchy. But that's not the really the point.

Steve Benen posting at TPM nails the real problem.
I suppose that's as good a catchphrase as any, but I think Alter's broader argument is off-base. He argues that Democrats have the right policy, but it's not "getting through" to the rest of the country. I disagree -- they have the right policy, it's getting through just fine, but Dems are coming up short executing their own strategy.

Exactly. The Dems don't need to sell withdrawal. That's a done deal. Americans are ready to stop babysitting another country's civil war. The Dems are tanking precisely because they're looking for slogans instead of solutions. All they need to do to raise their esteem in the public eye is to stop all the political posturing and stand up to our reckless president and his Congressional enablers.

The people put the Democratic party in power in 06 so they could fight the administration, not the war. They only look weak because they run cringing into the corner, every time the GOP yells boo.

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