Friday, May 18, 2007

Wait, so now even black voters have a choice?

by shamanic

The post has a really weird article up, entitled "Can Old Loyalties Trump Racial Solidarity". It's weird because the suggestion, I guess, is that black voters are supposed to vote for Barack Obama, but most of the black elected officials interviewed by writer Michael Fletcher have either not yet endorsed a candidate or are supporting Hillary Clinton.

So maybe the "racial solidarity" is about supporting Hillary Clinton, based on the Clintons' long record on "African American issues"? The article really isn't clear.

I suggest that publications like the Post stay away from notions like "racial solidarity" when discussing a community as large and diverse as the African American community. I'm guessing that black voters, like every other kind, ultimately cast the ballot for the candidate they believe in most. But I'm pleased that so many--of all colors--are reveling in the choices offered by the incredible field of Democrats running for the White House.

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