Friday, May 11, 2007

Petreaus And The Missing Five Months

By Cernig

General Petreaus has written a letter, an eloquent and needed letter to be sure, condemning torture.

It's a nice letter and to be applauded.

But why is everyone turning a blind eye to the fact that it is FIVE MONTHS late?

The NYT article on the ethics report that began all this clearly said "The report was provided in November to Gen. George W. Casey Jr., then the senior American commander in Iraq." The recent release was only the PUBLIC release, held over until the surge was well underway.

It's unimaginable that Casey could have seen this report in November but Petreaus, who took over from him, be unaware of it. Yet he waited until there was a public outcry before penning his letter.

What does that say about his belief in his own words?

All the mainstream media outlets have missed the obvious. Marty Lederman doesn't mention it. Andrew Sullivan missed it too (he obviously didn't read my email). Did I miss the circular that said Petreaus should get a pass on that five month gap?

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