Thursday, May 31, 2007

Op-Ed Idiots

By Cernig

I see National Journal has republished Norman Podhoretz' rant from earlier this month in which he hopes and prays George Bush - a president "battered more mercilessly and with less justification than any other in living memory" - will bomb Iran before he leaves office.

For my opinions on N-Pod's warmongering, see my post from 16th May, "Drums in the Deep".

And while I'm on the subject of op-ed idiots, can someone explain to me why David Ignatius is writing a column attacking Bush for being so slow to accept the Baker Hamiliton Report - which involved a plan for phased withdrawal from Iraq - when it's quite clear that Bush has no intention of ever withdrawing from Iraq? It makes of his entire column a study in wasting newsprint which is new and thorough even for Ignatius. Is Bush's idea of a South Korean style of perpetual presence to be the new elephant in the room for the US professional pundit class?

And the neocon crazies are actually cock-a-hoop about Bush's terrorist-creation plans which will ensure US troops will be wearing targets in Iraq for the next fifty years!

Update Oh look, here comes SecDef Gates to back up Bush's plan for a "long-term military presence in Iraq similar to its arrangement with South Korea."

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