Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Newshoggers is proud to present The Stupidest Person in America, Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute. Greet your new War Czar, America. And hunker down for more of the same old war.

Update By Cernig

Steve Soto has some interesting news about the new Czar - he wanted U.S. troops out of Iraq two years ago.
The interesting thing about the selection of Lute is that he advocated for a withdrawal from Iraq back in 2005 so that the Iraqis would step up and take responsibility for their own security. Lute is a proponent of the theory that our forces need to be withdrawn so that the Iraqis no longer have the excuse of an occupation to do nothing on the political front. He was a supporter of General George Casey's and John Abizaid's belief that we needed to train the Iraqis and draw down forces, not surge to an increase, a view that was tossed aside by Bush after the Baker/Hamilton report came out.
"We want to undercut that notion of occupying force," he said, recognising the argument that a less prominent US role could help stabilise the country.
Unfortunately, Lute said this almost 2 years ago.
Steve goes on to speculate that this appointment will further fuel rumors that "Cheney's trip to the region was a warning flare to our allies that we are reducing our troop levels after Petraeus's report in September".

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