Monday, May 14, 2007

Instahoglets 14th May 2007

By Cernig

Good Gods, another of these already? Here's a quick link-dump of blogger comentary and news stories, all of which I intended to get around to posting about but then didn't. Also, consider this a chance to blogwhore or link-dump in comments. I'll update the post with them as we go.

Over at TPM Cafe, Cscs notes the details in the announcement that Iran is ramping up its nuclear capabilities. Short version - no need for preemptive strikes.

John McCain not only wants to ignore the Iraqi parliament (sovereignty, they don't need no stinking sovereignty!), he also says Petreaus made him take those 100 troops and attack 'copters to that Iraqi market and he would be happy to go back there without the military escort. Well, that would be one way to cut the GOP primary field.

Talking of sovereignty...American troops are hassling Iraqi parliamentarians in the Green Zone. One trooper told the Iraqis, snarkily, "You can call General Petraeus on the phone and demand an apology." Nice public relations, guys, that should convince them the Americans are there to help, not rule.

And in yet another sign of the (lack of) competence of the Bush administration's efforts in Iraq, State and the DoD are fighting a turf war over Iraqi industrial reconstruction. Policy appears to be that the Iraqis will be easier to manage if we keep them poor and underemployed. That's worked so well so far.

No wonder active-duty generals are thinking about voting with their feet.

Dick Cheney, the administration's very own diva, says his Middle east tour went well. But he's just not a stadium act like the guy who is following his footsteps.

Deputy AG Paul McNulty is resigning to spend more time with people who won't try to sideline him on minor issues like hiring his own staff. Nico at Think Progress has the details. And as one of his commenters says "for this being a witch hunt and show trials, there sure are a lot of NeoCon loyal bushies jumping ship."

In Karachi, the entire Sindh province and the capitals of all three other Pakistani provinces, a quarter of the nation's population observed a general strike today in protest over the bloodshed begun by pro-Musharaff gunmen in Karachi on Saturday.

Kevin Drum strikes to the heart of the foreign policy challenge for the U.S. in Pakistan: "For all that groups like Hamas or Hezbollah or the Revolutionary Guard are dangerous and destabilizing, my sense has long been that they pale in comparison to the ISI. Letting them get more control of a nuclear-armed state could be disastrous beyond anything we can imagine from those other groups. Unfortunately, it's all but impossible to figure out what set of policies would best constrain the ISI and propel Pakistan along a more moderate, less Islamist course." Maybe a beginning would be supporting those in Pakistan who actually believe in a non-Islamist democracy. No? Certainly, the military ruler is looking to many of the middle classes who supported his coup as if he has passed his sell-by date.

Real reporters and politicians actually turn to Matt Drudge as a source in and of himself. So, what kind of ethics keeps the Drudge Report honest? Sadly, none.

What have you got?

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