Thursday, May 10, 2007

Freshman Dishonesty

Sean Paul at the Agonist is rightfully outraged at Ciro Rodriguez and his vote on the McGovern Bill to fully fund a ground combat force withdrawal from Iraq as Rep. Rodriguez received significant support from the Agonist community and ran on an anti-Iraq war platform.

We'll not ever be raising money for him again. I might have to make a few phone calls tomorrow. The only possible reason Ciro could have for not voting to end the war in Iraq is that he won his district from an incumbent Republican who was pro-war. But during the election Ciro told me on the radio he'd end the war as soon as he was in Congress. Part of the reason he won the district was on voter disgust with the Republican Bush War.

Locally, freshman Democratic Rep, Jason Altmire (D-PA-4) will have a blast being a contortionist as he will need to explain his vote against the McGovern bill and with the Republican Party when he ran on an anti-Iraq War platform last fall. A local district newspaper, the Sharon Herald described his Iraq position last fall as thus:

Altmire said the goal was to install a democracy in Iraq. We have, so now it’s time to get out.

“Since we’ve been there, they’ve had three national elections, they’ve installed a prime minister, a parliament, a completed cabinet, trained 300,000 Iraqi security forces,” he said. “... It’s time for us to say to the Iraqi government, ‘It’s time for you to administer your own government and we’re going to take our troops and go around the world and continue the war on terror. And capture and kill the people who were responsible for 9/11.’ ’’

Time to start digging on what the freshmen defectors were saying in October 2006 and what they are saying today. Those who were consistent in supporting Bush's failures deserve a challenge for supporting a disaester. Those like Congressmen Altmire and Rodriguez who seem to be playing the vast majority of the Democratic Party and its most fervant supporters for chumps and fools need a serious reality check.

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