Monday, May 07, 2007

Everyone's Related To You

By Cernig

Scientists have finally closed the most elusive gap in the story of mankind's evolution:
Most experts have long argued that early Homo sapiens came out of Africa 55,000 years ago, gradually making their way into Europe, Asia and North America.

The only snag in their theory was Australia's ancient Aborigines, who seemed so different from the rest of us it was hard to prove a positive link with Africa. Until now.

Geneticists yesterday revealed they had found common DNA between peoples of Australasia and Melanesia and nearby New Guinea. Peter Forster, of Cambridge University, said: "For the first time, this evidence gives us a genetic link showing that the Australian Aboriginal and New Guinean populations are descended directly from the same specific group of people who emerged from the African migration."
So you're related to everyone - even people you may not like very much. Or if you prefer - science has proven we are all God's children. That's kinda cool.

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