Friday, May 18, 2007

DOJ Run In Third World Style

By Cernig

Michael Roston of Raw Story has an exclusive interview with Rep. Linda Sanchez, Chair of the House Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law. In it, she attacks the Bush administration's running of the DOJ as being "so third world", calls for the firing of Gonzales and points out that while Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans have also called for Gonzales to go, House Republicans are playing ostrich on the whole matter.
The Republican Senators who recognize that the department basically doesn't have effective leadership, that partisan politics has been injected in many different levels of that, that it's sort of been twisted as a way to help one party gain elections, and that there needs to be accountability, I give them credit for standing up and saying if there's one department in this country that should not be politicized, it's the Department of Justice. Kudos to them for recognizing that our system of justice should be above that.

By the same token, House Republicans show none of that. And I'm sort of amazed and befuddled as to why they wouldn't want to stand up and say, hey, our system of enforcing the laws needs to be above reproach. Because right now, the lack of confidence that people have in the DOJ, the lack of morale at the DOJ, the way it seems to be running seems so third world. It's third world in the way there doing it. And it doesn't seem to trouble my colleagues on this side of the aisle on the House side.

...They seem to be saying there's no evidence of wrongdoing because you haven't caught us yet. My response is, we're still doing the investigation, the evidence that emerges seem to be more and more damaging. Every day there's more and more revelations. And, "Oh, there's no credible evidence." I think the most compelling evidence was when the US Attorneys themselves testified, as to receiving political phone calls pressuring them on their investigations. That to me is extremely troubling, and if it's not troubling to my Republican counterparts here, I think there's something seriously wrong with the way they're looking at this whole issue. [Emphasis mine - C]
Go read the whole thing.

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