Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beware of Terr'ists In Diapers!

By Cernig

At last, the rightwing's xenophobes have evidence to back up their previous assertions (Rick Perry, anyone?) that the southern border of the US is an open door, nay a seven-lane highway, for dangerous terr'ists called Mohammed packing suitcase nukes.

Three of the Fort Dix plotters - after 17 months that's all they were still doing if it hadn't been for FBI informers giving them hints - came across the Mexican border at Brownsville, Texas.

Ruuuun, the Terr'ists are coming! No?

Steven Taylor explains why not:
Now, I will confess that I am surprised to learn that they possibly came across in Brownsville (although how this is know is unclear), not because I don’t see how it could happen (I can), but more because Brownsville is a long way from Jersey (and because there are so many ways to get in that going via Brownsville seems like a lot of trouble). Still, the fact that they were brought in as children hardly shows some vast al Qaeda plot to use the Mexican border as a means of penetrating the United States. Of course, that hasn’t stopped Michelle Malkin from crowing about how the Duka brothers came across the Mexican border (which is one of her great areas of interest). It is noteworthy that Malkin’s post doesn’t comment on the fact that the alleged crossing took place when the brothers were still in diapers (her update does have the information in a block of quoted information, and it is, to be fair, highlighted along with some other bits of information).

...Indeed, if al Qaeda is so smart that it was able (before it even existed, mind you) to smuggle in toddler sleeper agents who would one day be poised, in the post-911 world, to wreak havoc on New Jersey after some paint-ball training, well then we are as good as doomed and might as well quit now.
And what about Debbie? Well, she's in fine frothing form. "Islamic terrorists and illegal aliens know about sanctuary cities, and they purposefully locate themselves there so they can continue their terror plotting unfettered." The emphasis is mine. The screaming paranoia that says all illegal aliens are terrorists is entirely Debbie's.

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