Friday, April 13, 2007

Is Karl Rove Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

By Cernig

Karl Rove, via his lawyer, has changed his excuse from "the dog ate my homework" to "I thought someone else had already handed in my homework for me".

Via Raw Story:
On Friday, Rove's attorney "dismissed the notion that President Bush's chief political adviser intentionally deleted his own e-mails from a Republican-sponsored server, saying Rove believed the communications were being preserved in accordance with the law," the Associated Press reports.

According to attorney Robert Luskin, Rove was under the "understanding" that all of his emails had already been archived by Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor investigating the CIA leak case, who had subpoenaed them.

"His understanding starting very, very early in the administration was that those e-mails were being archived," Rove's attorney, Robert Luskin, said.

Laurie Kellman reports for the AP, "The prosecutor probing the Valerie Plame spy case saw and copied all of Rove's e-mails from his various accounts after searching Rove's laptop, his home computer, and the handheld computer devices he used for both the White House and Republican National Committee, Luskin said. The prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, subpoenaed the e-mails from the White House, the RNC and Bush's re-election campaign, he added."

"There's never been any suggestion that Fitzgerald had anything less than a complete record," Luskin told the AP.
So now the reason for his breaking White House policy is that he thought someone else was keeping that policy for him? Even a fifth-grader would know that to try such a feeble excuse is just going to provoke the adults into looking harder for the real reason. For Karl, who has always been recognised as a smart cookie by enemy and ally alike, to try such an excuse shows how nervous he is about the real truth.

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