Monday, March 12, 2007

Instahoglets 12th March 07

Time for some blogroll linky goodness...

  • The Heretik on Kaplan(s), the surge, and an NBC anchor who knows BS when he's hip deep in it.

  • Invonvenient News on a new White House document dump - this time they're playing an Iraq War funding shell game.

  • The Anonymous Liberal on the moral poverty of the Libby pardon chorus - They have no problem with the law itself or with our criminal justice system generally. They just disagree with the outcome in this particular case and want to change it.

  • Cut To The Chase on the insanity that is Zell Miller - another fat, stupid white man who knows best for women.

  • Hootsbuddy - The murder of journalist Steven Vincent was two and a half years ago And Nour al-Khal, his translator who survived their horrible ordeal, is stuck in Iraq, hiding for safety, unable to get permission to come to America, despite continuing efforts on the part of Vincent's widow, Lisa Ramaci-Vincent.

  • Brilliant At Breakfast - the only way to really support troops who are being sent back into combat even when still medically unfit is to impeach Bush.

  • The Sideshow - why does Bush always get a free ride from the press on his empty "Message - I Care" theatrics?

  • Skippy's co-blogger Carnacki has an impassioned and eloquent request - let's fight cancer. Imagine what could be done with the taxpayer's money already being handed to the likes of Dubai bailout Halliburton.

  • Fester examines the statistics on insurgency unit strength and asks - if the surge is working how come the insurgents can field bigger battalions than the Iraqi army?
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