Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Instahoglets 21st Feb 07

How about some good reads to round off the day?

  • Via The Agonist, General Wesley Clark and VoteVets have a new site - Why not go sign their petition?

  • Martin O'Malley in the WaPo on why he opposes the death penalty - and he has the stats to show that it is not a deterrent to murder.

  • I missed this one yesterday - Fred Kaplan had "Four Bewildering Remarks from the Bush Administration" Only four? Finding such remarks is surely a target rich environment. (H/T-Kat)

  • Greg Sargent reports on the GOP polling company that says another GOP polling company's recent poll allegedly showing that there's much more support for the Iraq war than anybody thought is utterly bogus.

  • Ex-U.S. Admiral, Joe Sestak, used to command a carrier task force in the Gulf and once was the director of the Navy's anti-terrorism unit. Now that he's a freshman member of the House of Representatives, Sestak, a Pennsylvania Democrat, has introduced a bill calling for withdrawing all American forces from Iraq by the end of this year.

  • This one is a couple of days old, but if you haven't read it then you really should. Justin Raimondo writes that the grim reality of current U.S. foreign policy is that the world's most powerful nation is acting with the psychopathology of a serial murderer. (With some truly horrific YouTube clips linked - not for those who want their Iraq war to be TV-PG.)

  • Want to really understand the geopolitics of the Bush misadventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and perhaps soon Iran? Follow the pipelines. A terrific piece from Ken at The Bonehead Compendium.

  • Kevin Drum - "Apparently we're willing to bear any burden and pay any long as that doesn't include writing a few regulations for the chemical industry. That's beyond the pale. It's the true-believer monomania of movement conservatism at its finest."

  • Joe Gandelman, the Moderate Voice - David Geffen's dissing of Hillary is "a warning sign to the Clinton camp that they have not done sufficient fence-mending with longtime supporters, including some who perhaps gave their supporting holding their noses. It’s also a warning sign that they may face another negative out there to confront — dynasty fatigue (Jeb Bush take note.)"

  • Electrical failures have shut down the plant. The roof has leaked. Decrepit machinery dates back more than 40 years. Safety lapses led inspectors to levy fines twice within two years. And employees, under deadline pressure, complain they are often worked past the point of exhaustion...this is where the U.S. works on nuclear bombs.

    Next Instahoglets I will return to what the smaller bloggers, often overlooked even when their quality is just as high, are saying.
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