Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Newshog Haitus

After 26 months of blogging almost every day, I need a break. So unless Earl decides to post something or the Idiot In Chief decides to start his drummed up war with Iran, this is it for 2 weeks.

I'm going to be thinking a lot about where Newshog should be going in future - and whether it should go at all. Let's face it, I'm writing here for a hardcore of 50 or so regulars and maybe 250 more who drop by following some link or other. It's hardly world shaking.

For instance, I was writing about the flimsy narrative for war with Iran and how it was being used as its own evidence since autumn of 2005 - but it's only now that the toothless US media are beginning to think the same. Other progressive bloggers are catching up too. For instance, Glenn Greenwald quotes from one of the articles I blogged about way back when it first appeared, one which Glenn didn't mention at the time even though I know I emailled him about it. Now it is probably already too late - for the vast majority, the narrative already is the incontovertable evidence of itself. What's a guy to do? I'm not one of the in-crowd of connected liberal polibloggers, so I get mostly ignored by the A-listers. (Thanks, Crooks&Liars blog for being the most notable exception!)

Meanwhile, limp-brained, latte-drinking, not-so-crypto-fascists like Jules Crittenden can write warmongering drivel and have half the rightwingers of America soil themselves in a warmongering, fetishistic frenzy. So one thing I'm going to ask is "why bother?" - if the less than 30% who still think like Crittenden want to destroy the world in their phobic crusading how much can I really do to halt that?

Lots to think about. Two weeks to think about it. Starting now.

In the meanwhile, I recommend memeorandum.com for your daily punditing needs.

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