Friday, December 22, 2006

If The White House Could Redact Bloggers...

...the way they can New York Times op-eds by former CIA analysts, then one of today's posts from AmericaBlog would look something like this:
It's no wonder the federal government xxx xxx want to release details xxx x xxxx, because once again, it's all xxxxxxxx xx Big Oil who set new records in xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx sticking xxx xxxxxx xxxxx with the bill. Good grief, can we re-set priorities and worry about xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx giving more welfare and handouts to the richest?

xx xxxxx xxx give half a billion dollars to the CEO, x xxx xx xxxxxx xxx taxpayers should have to fund their business xxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xx xxxxx pretty well withxxx taxpayer handouts. These are xxx small companies who need help to get started, xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx bathe their executives with lavish compensation packages and then pass on the bill to xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxxx xxxx xxx poor xxxxx. x xxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx. [Rest of post redacted for reasons of Bush Insecurity]

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