Monday, June 05, 2006

Political Fib of the Day - Wedge Issue or Self-Inflicted Wedgie?

Earl writes, "On Saturday, W went to the discrimination well again but later I found this article which would seem to point the finger squarely at the pure politicization of the whole darn thing", as an old friend says Bush doesn't give a sh*t about gay marriage.

Earl also says "I can only hope that fatigue is setting in on the whole issue or that people realize that there are actual governmental issues that are a bit more important to deal with..." I think this time around even the religious Right realise its a blatant bit of pandering with no hope of success. They aren't fooled anymore. Bush will find his wedge issue has become a self-inflicted GOP wedgie as the religious Right refuse to believe anything they say or support them anymore. Some are already talking about founding their own party - which raises the happy prospect of seeing the GOP in third place in 2008 and serve them right for being pandering, crooked, self-entitled incompetents.

Wedge Issue
To Conquer, First Split
Although Dubya Don't Give a Sh*t

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