Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Right Catches Lying Bastard Fatigue

It took a while, but now at last the "conservatives" who have been cheerleading Bush and his minions for the last six years have become infected. Here's Prof. Stephen Bainbridge, noting how many other fellow bloggers have caught this syndrome and laying out why:
I'm suffering from Bush fatigue brought on by the culmination of:

-Failure to finish the 9/11 job by bringing Osama to justice
-An unnecessary and unwise war of choice in Iraq, waged with inadequate resources and a degree of political interference unmatched since LBJ ran the Viet Nam War from the Oval Office, as forcefully demonstrated by the W$J's extended story on retired Maj. Gen. John Batiste
-Runaway spending
-Vast expansion of the federal government in areas like No Child Left Behind, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Medicare drug benefit
-Failure to address entitlement reform
-Failure to address comprehensive immigration reform that includes a guest worker system and regularization of the current undocumented population
-Infingement of civil liberties in the various NSA domestic spying programs
-An unwillingness to confront the corruption plaguing the party by virtue of the K Street Gang; or, rather, the Gang's lack of virtue
-Inability to admit error
-Entrenched anti-intellectualism
It's an epidemic of Lying Bastard Fatigue on the right. Welcome to rehab, guys...we know how you feel. Maybe you should start your own self-help group...

Hi, my name is Glen and I'm a Bushaholic.

Heh, indeedy.

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