Friday, March 10, 2006

Play "Spot The Pentagon Story Plant"

It's that favorite parlor game, "spot the Pentagon news plant", again.

This time Israel's Haaretz newspaper uncritically reprints accusations stemming from the "secret Iranian nuke plans" that have been rolled out repeatedly for some time now.

These "secret plans" and their provenance are so dodgy as to be utterly uncredible unless you are a rightwing nutcase - and accordingly, the rightwing nutcases link to the Haaretz article as if they had never heard this story before.

Like the IED's from Iran story, the Pentagon and the Busheviks rely on the nonexistant memories of their public and hope no-one prominent (i.e. mainstream media) shouts "gotcha!" No-one will - those supposedly liberal journalists are all too scared of losing their access and their easy lives as "investigative" reporters.

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