Thursday, February 09, 2006

Instahoglets 9th Feb 06

Be sure to check out Little Green Fascists today. Wonderful parody.

  • Not that the Bush regime and their sycophants need parodied. They do that just fine all by themselves. Such as Alberto Gonzales forgetting which lie he told who and thus letting slip he told a pile of crap to either the FISA judges or the Senate. Hells bells, Alberto, I catch my 12 year old with stuff like that!

  • Now go read law expert Orin Kerr at the rightwing Volokh Conspiracy blog as the scales continue to slip from Orin's eyes and he figures out he's been cheerleading a bunch of incompetent sociopaths all these years.

  • He's not the only one. Ted Galen Carpenter, vice president for defense and foreign policy studies at the rightwing Cato Institute, has an article for the Fox News website called "Dubious Assumptions about Iran". They are, he says, that a nuclear Iran would attack Israel, that Iran would pass along nuclear weapons to terrorist groups and that a democratic Iran would renounce all nuclear ambitions. That's the wingnuts arguments up in smoke then, and by one of their own experts!

  • They should have asked John Hope Franklin, one of America's most respected historians. He could have given them a heads up.

    "This country is so arrogant, so self-certain," he says, asked whether the west is now engaged with the Muslim world in a war of civilisations. "I am not sure that is what we are confronting. [But I am also] not sure we have done what we ought to have done to cultivate the rest of the world. We're so powerful and so presumptuous that it makes us unattractive, almost unbecoming. We don't treat other countries and people right. Power without grace is a curse."

    "Power without grace". Doesn't that just describe the Bush regime to a T?

  • Not that the Bushies will ever get the idea. They've been engaged in a pogram to make sure that analysts at the State Dept. are all yes-men instead of real experts who might notice that the "slam dunk intelligence" on Iran is nothing of the sort.

  • Here's an eye-opener from the Guardian. "Israel's Shin Bet security service chief has said his country may come to regret the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, because strong dictatorship is preferable to the present chaos in Iraq. Yuval Diskin, who was secretly recorded talking to teenage Jewish settlers preparing for military service, also said Israel's judicial system discriminates against Arabs." Hear that George? "Present chaos." No, of course you don't. You never hear or see evidence that conflicts with your own warped unreality...that's what sociopaths do.

  • Rummie, for instance, says Iraq is making good progress towards military self-sufficiency with around 90,000 soldiers and 137,000 police now trained and equipped. No word from Rummie on how many of those trained and equipped fighters consider themselves more a member of an ethnic militia than of the Iraqi services. No mention either on when Iraqis will get power and water instead of trained militias and bullets.

  • When reality isn't thousands of miles away or kept secret, where they can conveniently deny it's existence, the sociopathic Bush regime prefers to wait till everyone is looking the other way then bring back their plans to rob the nation blind by an underhanded, sly and backdoor route. Let my friend Dave Anderson over at the Kovach for Congress campaign tell you about Bush's latest attempt to gut your retirement to fund his tax cuts for the rich.

  • Richard Pombo, the Republican Congressman For Red Lobster, has been ringing up the corruption tally at a fantastic rate. He even managed to bill taxpayers for a family holiday! That's the modern face of the GOP, folks.
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