Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top 2005 Lists You WONT See

But you should...

  • George Bush's top ten places to stash secret booze in the White House.

  • George Bush's top ten self-confessed mistakes.

  • George Bush's top ten self-confessed lies.

  • James Dobson's top ten reasons you should love thy neighbour even if they are gay.

  • Dick Cheney's top, three...umm, one?...compassionate and humane moments.

  • Chuck Schumers list of grassroots progressive candidates he supports.

  • Jihad Watch's list of non-homicidal muslims.

  • Don Rumsfeld's list of serious plans to help peace in Iraq.

  • Tom Delay's top ten confessions in return for a plea bargain.

  • "The Atrios Awards" - the top ten A-list liberal bloggers who respond to emails.

  • The GOP's top ten ways in which they will ensure the rich pay the same percentage of their income in tax and charges (direct and indirect) as the poor.

  • "The Go Fuck Yourself Awards" - the top ten A-list bloggers who don't help foster a sense of community, as voted by small liberal bloggers.

  • Michelle Malkin's list of ways in which illegal immigrants are still just people trying to provide for their families too.

  • "The Bernie Sanders Awards" - which go to the top ten independents in the House and Senate...because there aren't ten.

  • "The Joe Awards" - in which thousands of bags of burning dog crap are left on the doorsteps of politicians called Joe who have sold the Democratic party down the river. There's only two nominees and they both win...piles.

    Any more?
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