Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The BTK Administration

When Bush tells the World "We don't torture" then the World should remember how his administration slides atrocity between the cracks of meaning. What he means is "We don't call it torture - we call it 'interrogation'." It seems that Senator Roberts of Kansas, sycophant extrordinaire, is also happy with this distinction. Digby is right on the money when he says :

How in the hell are people explaining to their children why we need a system of justice when we don't need it to figure out who is "the worst of the worst." How do you explain that torture is wrong except when it isn't?

Meanwhile, Digby also has more information on the Vice - President For Torture which suggests very strongly that avuncular Uncle Dick is a nutcase of the first water. How in hell did we get to the point when a bunch of BTK personalities were running the most powerful country on earth?

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