Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bad Moon Rising

Via The All Spin Zone I learn that the Klu Klux Klan are coming to Austin, Tx today to rally support for Proposition 2, an amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman. However, a group of protestors don't plan to let them have an easy time of it:

They are billing this as a Christian Family Values rally, but we all know the KKK's history of families, values, and Christian behavior is abysmal.

What the Klan wants is a photo op complete with angry, yelling citizens to scare conservative voters to the polls. What we are planning to do is get into the background of as many media shots as possible so their hate cannot be broadcast on the nightly news. As “turning the other cheek” is a recognized true Christian value, we believe this is a message those Klansters will understand.

And so there will be a Mooning of the Klan today at Austin City Hall from 1 till 3 pm.

The Full Moon Over The Klan blog notes:

Mooning is a long standing Texas tradition of irreverant disobedience. Generally speaking mooning is a spontaneous event. Defined as exposing some part of one's ass in a gesture of friendly insult, Texas law allows for mooning as long as genitals are not exposed and there is no overtly sexual action involved. You may write a cheeky statement across yourself, but obscenities are a gray area, legally speaking.

Newshog fully approves of this cheeky return of the message of hate and bigotry. If you can get there, be there.

And just remember - the other conservatives who want to place such restrictions on marriage are just as bigotted as the KKK and probably just as racist even if they do a better job of hiding it in public.

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