Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bush USAid Appeal For Iraq Nets $600

$600 after two weeks - I kid you not.

Insta-skinflint, Powerlame, Little Green Mothballs, Captains Sixteenths, QandBigO, Charging RI-NoMoney, My Vast Right Wing Bankruptcy....

I could go on but I'm laughing too hard.

The chickenhawks are as unwilling to put their money where their mouths are as they are to put their necks on the line. Figures.

Update There's a lot of utter tosh being written by the freepers today about supposed turnout at the anti-war demo in Washington yesterday. They are trying to believe really hard that it was nowhere near 100,000 and I even saw one estimate of only 2,000 has been bandied about by Andrew Sullivan.

I think they have a real case of demo-envy. Only 400 turned out for today's pro-war rally. The chickenhawks can't even be bothered to get their chicken-asses out from behind their keyboards, let alone donate to the cause they supposedly believe in so fervently. Their "cheep-cheep" protestations deserve to be taken exactly as they are - laughable.

PS For all those good people visiting from Shakespeare's Sister - thanks for dropping by. Please, stick around and have a look at the rest of the blog, I think you will find something worthwhile to read somewhere in it all.

Up-Update Left of Center puts it in perspective for the wingnuts - Democrat hopeful Chuck Pennachio has been running an internet fundraising campaign for about two weeks now as part of his senatorial bid in Pennsylvania.

The running totals:

Chuck Pennacchio: $6,298.00

War in Iraq: $600.00

The price of realizing Chuck Pennacchio is ten times more popular than the War in Iraq? (come on, you knew it was coming)

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