Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bush Compares GWOT To WW2

Does anyone actually listen to Bush's radio broadcasts anymore? I suspect Georgie-boy's audience figures are heading in the same direction as Rush Limbaugh's.

However, I did happen to read the transcript of Bush's latest effort, if only because Wampum has a revealing take on the progression of the Coward-In-Chief's rhetoric.

Mr. Bush used to talk about spreading freedom. Now he talks about "spreading the hope of freedom"...I've mentioned this before, but this reminds me of the Cheetoh-factor, in which every additional adjective makes the noun in question less true:

"Cheese" = cheese

"processed cheese" = cheese, sort of

"processed cheese food" = cheese, sort of, plus other stuff that's not cheese

"processed cheese food snack product" = the food in question is orange, but contains no actual cheese.

The question is what is the next entry in the "Cheetos of Freedom" sequence?

"Spreading thoughts of hopes of freedom?"

Other than the Cheetos of Freedom (and how I wish I had thought of that first), Bush said a couple of old things, firstly the old "live bait" theory that we are "striking them in foreign lands before they can attack us here at home", reiterating his insult to the people of London, Madrid and now Bangladesh. Secondly that he intends putting on his play-soldier outfit again and go get some nice propaganda shots with the Idaho National Guard and at Mountain Home Air Force Base - where he will no doubt fail to give the military any kind of meaningful briefing yet again.

But the last section of his radio speech really takes the biscuit. George compares the "Great War On Terror" to World War II.

The veterans of World War II defended America when ruthless foes threatened our freedom and our very way of life. And after winning a great victory, they helped former enemies rebuild and form free and peaceful societies that would become strong allies of America. The World War II generation endured great suffering and sacrifice because they understood that defeating tyranny in Europe and Asia was essential to the security and freedom of America.

Like previous wars we have waged to protect our freedom, the war on terror requires
great sacrifice from Americans.

What sacrifices have Bush's elite made that can compare with the sacrifices of WWII? Will we now hear a declaration that Tax tax cuts are unpatriotic in time of war maybe? How about a draft that takes their kids off to war as well as those of the working class? Even sharing corporate secrets for the greater good?

Let's face it, the circles Bush moves in haven't even given up their own freedoms the way they have forced the rest of us to with the Patriot Act.

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