Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Ludlum-worthy conspiracy to damage free speech

Today's post of the day is right here. It discusses how the architect of McCain/Feingold used private donations from billionaires to weaken free speech in America. I used to love reading Ludlum books- they often featured a cabal of rich men doing evil for no particular reason- but a hero stepped up and fought for liberty or whatever and stopped them and saved the day.

Well, it looks like it really happened. Only 1) the cabal was made up of rich lefty socialist types rather than capitalist pigs and 2) Jason Bourne or, whoever, didn't dodge the bullet fast enough and it worked!!! and 3) the guy who did it admitted, on tape, that he did it and 4) nobody cares.

It is nice that a newspaper stepped up and printed this. It is not nice that the rest of the MSM doesn't have this story plastered up on the front page. I'm going to put my conspiracy hat on for a minute.

Q. If the enemies of free speech knew this story was going to break, how could they possibly stop it from being the lead story on every broadcast and the headline in every paper?
A. By telling the MSM that they were going to go after the blogs and leave the MSM alone.

Isn't that exactly what the FEC did last week?

Or am I losing my mind?

Or both?

Or neither?

Want some toast?

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Cernig said...

Hi Harky,

Nice story. I am not immune to the irony though - a man who works for Rupert Murdoch's rightwing empire decrying media cabals...

The story has it's shaky points, like the way it has been categorically denied -

Treglia, contacted by The Post yesterday, was singing a different tune about Pew, saying it would be "incorrect to suggest that the organization would attempt to deceive or mislead about its funding efforts." Pew's president, Rebecca Rimel, calls the charge "false" in a written statement.

Why bother saying that if a tape can be produced to prove the truth? It makes no sense.

Maybe more will come of this story?

Regards, Cernig