Friday, January 28, 2005

Blogabout #3

Today's Blogabout is late, mostly because of the Instapundit effect and keeping up with comments on a single thread. However, between that and real-life I did get a chance to look around the blogosphere for some interesting tidbits.

  • The Angry Drunk Beaurocrat waxes lyrical about consultants and personnel changes at the DHS, where he seems to work.

  • Manic at bloggerheads rants at the power of the media, which is not liberal at all but owned and edited by right-wingers like Rupert Murdoch.

  • Panhandle Truth Squad highlights the plan to abolish the educational route to the middle class for many American poor.

  • Interesting Times counsels against paranoid speculation over how quickly the administration seems to be caving on Social Security reform.

  • My co-contributor Mr. M has some predictions about everything from Iraqi elections to DNC Chair that he says you can quote him on, if you like.

  • Avedon Carol at The Sideshow, one of my favourite reads, compliments the first entry in this list with a piece on how Bush plans to kill good government.

  • Jesse, flying solo, has a reaction to cries of racism levelled at Democrats who opposed the confirmation of Rice as Secretary of State. She was incompetent as NSA no matter if she was blue with pink polkadots.

  • Over at The Shameless Antagonist we find that the right, guardians of all that is military or healthcare, are managing to destroy two birds with one stone by underfunding the VA medical care system.

  • Moderate Voice has a couple of guest bloggers this week, and one of them has scientific proof that nice guys don't always finish last.

  • Shamanic at Simian Brain, someone I would love to have blog for Newshog on occasion, is talking about the White House's frantic attempts to re-brand "private accounts" as something that sounds a bit more trustworthy and doesn't reek of rich stockbrokers.

  • Baghdad Burning's Riverbend - the girl blogger in Iraq - has a poignant tale of lack of water and a plea for someone to give her government a "idiots guide to being a good Vichy government".

  • This isn't from a bog, but I am running it for all those leftie bloggers out there - The backwards Bush counter. Tell to the tenth of a second how long Bush has left in office. Appearing on blogs all around you soon.

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