Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Political Fib of the Day - The Baker Mission, V2.0

When the Iraq Study Group started to go public, I took it as a good sign in a few ways:

  1. Something was actually being done about Iraq.
  2. Baker has experience at bailing out W.
  3. Something was actually being done about Iraq.
  4. Baker has experience in the Middle East.
  5. Something was actually being done about Iraq.
  6. Baker was actually coming out of the shadows where he has been working on this situation for quite some time.
  7. And, oh yes, SOMETHING was being done about Iraq.
A lot has been said about HW's boys taking over the situation from W since it's a complete and utter cluster(bleep) at this point and I don't care.

It's not a good time for pride about peace with honor or some such hubris, and consigliere Baker was brought in for one reason and one reason only: To bail out baby W once again.

Even the Christians are beginning to realize that:
Even as Washington waits with bated breath for the Iraq Study Group (ISG) to release its findings, the rest of us should see this gambit for what it is: an attempt to deflect attention from the larger questions raised by America's failure in Iraq and to shore up the authority of the foreign policy establishment that steered the United States into this quagmire. This ostentatiously bipartisan panel of Wise Men (and one woman) can't really be searching for truth. It is engaged in damage control.
No problem with that on my part. History will judge and I've got a pretty good memory about who and what happened prior to our misadventures in Iraq. I'm not alone, either.

Just stop getting our troops killed for no good reason and I'll be a bit happier. In the meantime, I'll keep fibbing:

Too Clear:
Their Mission
Is Absolution
For Crimes That Put Us In Iraq

Earl E Hart III

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