Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NEW - GnostiNews SurfoMania (Plus Comedy!)

We now return you to your irregular programming....


Since I kind of enjoyed doing it yesterday, here's some more surfomania:


QT gives us an appropriately-timed scare:

Blame Canada

Don King, a Hingham, Mass., reader, regarding QT's noting that the United States, which had announced a plan to install surveillance towers along the U.S.-Canada border, is now having trouble finding long stretches of our border because it has underfunded the International Boundary Commission, which is supposed to keep track of our border, writes:

"I didn't realize that a border was that difficult to keep track of. I mistakenly assumed it just stayed in one place. If I see it, is there someone I should notify?"

A number of readers have asked about this.

There is nothing to worry about. It seems to be an innocent matter of vegetation overgrowing our border markers.

Or, well, you know, a prelude to invasion.



Have a great day, everyone.


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