Friday, October 20, 2006

GnostiNews DoubleTap - Stark Choices Ahead

Well, a complete lack of sleep and computer frustration aside, here's today's sample pack...


Admittedly, W's mere use of the religious right for political gain was only a hunch of mine for a long time. After all, how cynical did one have to be to doubt another person's faith?

But there is a problem with thinking like this:

The reaction from the left has been, to put it mildly, slightly less vigorous. It is in stark contrast to the way in which liberal commentators and bloggers embraced other revelations, such as former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's memoir or the latest Bob Woodward book. This time, the responses have ranged from total silence to yawns to fears that the book could backfire on the Democratic Party. In general, most liberals have chosen to distance themselves from Kuo and his case.

This could just be smart politics. After all, Republicans are in such a free-fall at the moment that it might be best for liberals to stay out of the way and let conservatives fling recriminations at each other, as has largely been the case with the Mark Foley scandal. But something else is at play, too. Despite the evidence Kuo presents in Tempting Faith, liberals simply don't believe him. They've spent so much time fear-mongering about American theocracy that a book illustrating the opposite simply makes no sense to them. In fact, the real revelation of Kuo's book is not that the Bushies don't care about evangelicals; it's that liberals are too wedded to their views to capitalize on it.

Personally, I'd like to say that I've pointed out the naked hypocrisy here, and the thought of an American theocracy did cross my mind in the past, but it was never a really big worry for me.

I still don't think like Mr. Kuo, who still IS a religious person. I just don't have that particular switch in my brain.

He's the one that wrote the book because HE felt betrayed by the administration.

He's the one that wants an American theocracy.

W was just using them and setting himself up as their false idol. That can be a dangerous path with the truly religious types.

Let the chips fall where they may once they're done with the infighting...


OK, here's something to worry about a little bit - a very, very little bit:

How Green Is Your Vote?

Because I would like to remind everyone at this time that, as Paul Krugman said, it's no longer time to worry about each and every little detail:

If the Democrats gain control of either house, no matter how narrowly, the American political landscape will be transformed. If they fail, no matter how narrowly, it will be seen, correctly, as a great victory for the hard right.

The fact is that this is a one-letter election. D or R, that’s all that matters.

It’s hard to think of an election in which the personal qualities of the people running in a given district or state have mattered less.

Remember that for another 18 days, please.


That's it for now, folks.

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