Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Political Fib of the Day - War President

It seems that Earl and I have been thinking along similiar lines today.

I was just reading about the security arrangements for W's visit to Iraq and still find it amazing that people give a darn. He doesn't have to run a gauntlet to meet with the Iraqi PM or anything, so (for him) it's probably like going to Mexico, it seems.

I'm just a bit ticked that we're wasting more life and money over there every day and how, at this point, it wouldn't really matter if our troops were there or not.


Dubya Was
Still Insulated
From the Hell of War He Started...

Earl E. Hart III, GnostiNews

Update If you want to see what kind of effect even this distant a brush with the war they were so gung-ho to start had on Tony Snow and Dan Bartlett, click on over to Comments From Left Field. My first thought was "Hey, an ad for Pepto-Bismol!".

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