Monday, November 21, 2005

Newshog Is One Year Old Today

Amazingly, this blog has made it to its first anniversary. I've had immense fun writing Newshog and immense joy in the support and help I've had from fellow bloggers and regular readers. Thanks to all of you. Especial thanks go to a whole bunch of people for exceptional support, ideas, news items, linky goodness and keeping the comments threads fresh and interesting. (If you aren't on the list, my apologies but blame my poor memory.)

In no particular order, this last year would not have been possible without:

Mr. M and Goose from Comments From Left Field; shamanic at Simianbrain; PSoTD; tas at Loaded Mouth; regular commenters shadows, Kat, marteenm, Allan@Aberdeen and Kirkrrt; Charlie Stross and Glenn Reynolds (for my one and only Instalanche); Shakespeare's Sister, the Heretik; Joe Gandelman at the Moderate Voice, Noah at DefenseTech; Libertas; Avedon at the Sideshow; Zencomix; Fester; Earl at Gnostinews; Harkonnendog and of course Greg at The Daily Grail (without whom Newshog would not have begun in the first place).

Thanks all.

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